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Reasons To Sign Up Your Kids For Dance


Registration season is among us and the choices are endless! When it comes to signing up our children for after-school activities the options seem to be growing every year. Funky Feet thought we could help make that decision just a little easier for you. We have seen it year after year and we know with certanty that there is no better choice then dance. In case you need some convincing here is our top 5 reasons why dance should be youíre after school choice!

1. Dance class letís out the artist within! Children are born with oceans of creativity and frequently express themselves with movement. You canít learn to dance by sitting at a desk. You canít learn dance from reading a book and thereís no test you can pass to become a better dancer. This sets dance education apart from other important subjects like science, math, and humanities. You can only learn dance by doing. You observe your teacher and then try to imitate them. You progress through trial and error and the feedback you receive. You learn by making mistakes and slowly overcoming them over time.

2. Dance class promotes fitness! No matter what style of dance, your child will be moving. They will be getting the necessary exercise needed each day. Studies recommend 30 minutes of exercise each day for your child. The average dance class lasts 30 minutes to an hour. Most of the time your child may take more than one style. It also gives a good all around workout. Most dance classes begin with a stretching for flexibility, have some type of cardio section, and then a cool down at the end. It's exactly what your child needs to stay fit!

3. Dance class builds high self-esteem! Dance teachers promote expression, smiling, and reflection. Children can express themselves through movement. They are constantly asked to smile until it becomes a habit.

4. Dance class promotes social interaction and improves communication skills! For many young children this is the first group activity where they have the chance to interact with others their age and learn the dynamics of being in a group, all very important life skills. Students learn to take turns, they learn about personal space, when it is appropriate to hold hands in, say a partner dance or a circle dance with the class, and when it is necessary to leave their hands to themselves. All these skills are learned while enjoying the thrills of movement, new steps and fun ďgame likeĒ activities that teach the fundamentals of dance.

5. Dance class is fun! Overall, the best reason for a child to take dance is because of the fun they will have. They will meet new people in an environment where they are free to express themselves! What kid wouldn't want to do that?!

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