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Ayesha's Bollywood Funky Feet Dance Party!

by Funky Feet

Ayesha is 9 years old and since she was 6 years old she has been donating her birthday funds every year to the Montreal Childrenís hospital. Ayesha according to the Childrenís hospital is very kind and giving, reason being that she is one of the few that has done this good deed for every year.

Her first time to India was when she was 2.5yrs old. Even at that age she noticed poverty and homeless children. She came back to her home in Canada and would tell her teachers, parents anybody as to how we should conserve water as thatís how its done in India. Well at the age of 6 when she had gone back she had collected her pocket money in her piggy bank (about $200) to donate to the orphanage in India

When she came back her parents had explained to her that kids are kids and no matter what, if she couldn't help the children in India, she could help kids here in Montreal. After that she decided to donate to the Childrenís hospital!

This year when she donated her money, she told the Childrenís hospital that for her 10th birthday she would love to collect $1000. She planned a gala dinner/evening as our families love to party and have multiple activities for this event to entertain the children and adults

With the help of Funky Feet and other great companies she was able to do so!

Please click on this link to see the full story written in the Montreal Families March 2014 edition

Please click on this link to see the clip from Global News Montreal

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